Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sponsored Rider

Garrett Brittenham, who has a special place in the Sideburn Universe because his Aermacchi was the subject of the first ever post on this blog (nearly four years ago), has been sponsored by FTWCo, who also have a special place in our hearts.
FTWCO are incredible. Jeff and Brad design and screenprint (in-house) cool T-shirts and sweatshirts, then plough the money back into making exclusive riding kit for amateur racers who contact them asking to be supported. FTWCo aren't trying to sponsor famous racers or racers they think are going to hit it big, just club racers doing it for the love of the sport. What a brilliant thing to do.
Garrett joins Geoff and Anthony Co-Built and Travis 747 as riders we know on the roster. There are plenty more. Anyway, buy an FTWCo shirt so they can keep sponsoring racers (I do). G


Brad @ FTWCO said...

Super kind words Gary. Thanks for the support. We look forward to seeing you at some races this year.
Much Love,
Brad @ FTWCO

Jeff Wright said...

Wow! Thanks so much for kind words.
Im not sure what to say.
I love motorcycles...
Love to Sideburn!