Thursday, 23 February 2012

GuyGuy confirmed for Dirt Quake

At Rollerburn we had Guy Martin, for Dirt Quake we have GuyGuy. Long-time sponsors and friends of Sideburn, Icon Motorsports are sending their top European stunter to perform at Dirt Quake. It's going to be fun. I wonder if he'll do the Innapropriate Road Bike class on the back wheel... G


Simon Whitworth said...

Hope he doesn't bring his own Music, Oh and don`t let him on the Enfield .... :-)

Sideburn Magazine said...

He can have a iPod. We have a great band and DJs including Johnny Alpha. G

Mick P said...

Talking of the great Johnny Alpha, Sideburn's events supremo Dave Skooter Farm, aka Mr Murdo, was the special guest on the latest show, giving it a rather thrilling punk edge. Download it here: