Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Breizh Coast Kustoms

From Yann in France..

I'm a new workshop in the area (little Brittany since Feb. 2011) and keen on flat track racing. Thanks to my meeting with Scott Parker and the 'On Any Sunday' bible.
I've actually finished a vintage looking street tracker based on a XL650 and I have a 350 XL on its way to dirt racing. See attached pic. A pure flat track racer will be under construction soon for track use only...
I'd like to know if you would be interested in promoting this new sign on your 'dirty' planet. This would help me a lot.
I have some knowledge about motorbike racing (2005 WSBK World Champion as Team Co-ordinator), 8 years in WSBK, 3 years as WSBK Team Manager, 2 years track racing and 1 year race mechanic and test rider.
I'd like really to promote the flat track racing in Europe and try to organize something around that in France. Maybe you could help me on that if you have already some tips about.I know you guys have already a nice Championship in UK. I'll go and check in March at Daytona to get some more details about that crazy world. Some guys organized last year (Sept. 2010...) a flat track race on an old racecourse in Southern Brittany. Maybe you heard about... Was just a start but those guys need a bit of help to
repeat that.
Thanks for your help, I'll appreciate.

About the bikes, Orange one is an XS 650, Std engine/front frame, trees and forks. Hardtail, Harley tank and Supermoto 17" wheels with Bridgestone L309 tyres (the one I found looking most to the DTR1 but in 17"). It had a suicide clutch on a jockey shifter... but with already no front brake, no ground clearance and a rigid frame, I didn't wanted to ride a suicide bike...

The Honda is a 600 XL (PD03), hardtailed, 17" wheels and 1939 Labor 350 front end, tunnel re-shaped Sportster tank and Red Max Speedshop supplied me the number boards. It's a customer's bike 'inspired' by '40s Indian FT racers.

All my best,

Yann, Breizh Coast Kustoms
76 Quai de l’Odet
29 000 Quimper

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Breizh Coast Kustoms said...

Thanks Gary.
You Guyz in UK have this fighting spirit which allows people to leave their dreams and race like no others.
Motorbike racing is part of your history and you make it a great show.
Keep on turning left Guyz,