Thursday, 23 February 2012

Big fins

I've been thinking a lot about twin shock scramblers lately, but I have no space in my life for another bike and I don't want to sell anything I've got. There's something about big-fin two-stroke and kerbstone-thick seats that get me going, though. Don't get me started on Scholl sandals and white socks... G
Colour photos from Derestricted. Don't know where the B&W is from. Or what model. CZ, right? The admirers look Eastern Bloc-ish, in a good way.


capnsimo said...

Gary mate ye shudda gone to the damn Classic Off road show, you couldn't move for the damn things, maico, loads of Husqvarna, all those cheney and rickman things, unbelieveable what people do secretly in their back sheds.......Rickman hmmm

andrewdavidtaylor said...

G...Ok not quite "twin shock scrambler" world, but I keep getting drawn to going to local pre-65 trials events (Poachers events in our county G, do you fancy it G ?) It's a good ramble through a quarry or a wood watching Brit Iron having the crap beaten out of it on a crisp Sunday morn....what's not too like ?? I have no room for another bike...but I keep going back to watch....Boastie & Guy were riding in the Dec event.....WHY OH WHY so many temptations !!??

Russ104 said...

You shouldn't even think about it. I had decided on a 2 stroke twin shock dirt bike then went and bought that BMW.

You just never can tell where it is going to end.

Trajking said...

Check this one!

Hot Shoe said...

Black & white photo is a lovely Single Port CZ (250 & 360 versions were made). Dave Bickers, Joel Robert, Roger DeCoster etc were great on these bikes.
I rode one of those red KTMs many times in the 70s. Great bike. The 250 was known as the Moiseev Replica after KTMs World 250 Champion.

effieweg said...

if you like these bikes, check , and

knock yourself out.