Friday, 3 February 2012

Swedish Sauce

Belladonna have been making a raucous noize for some time and finally the country that has a L o n g history of speedway has woken up to the fact that flat track might be fun too. Belladonna have just built their first budget flat tracker - based on a Honda XR600, and plan to baptize it with fire at a new practice series they are setting up this year. Contact if you're up for it. BP


Austin said...

have loved all the previous bikes that the Belladonna guys have done but this one is uuuugly and lacks their usual style in my opinion

Russ104 said...

Come on Mr Rocket, get a grip. That fine piece of machinery almost has sand-bike good looks.

Full Lock or Death #29 said...

It's not really built like their other custom bikes for looks.. They gave themselves a very tight budget to build a bike to ride hard on the track to show that it could be done on a shoestring and encourage other people in Sweden to build bikes and get some flat track happening. It'll be used on the practice days for people to try out.
Good luck to them! Maybe this is the start of a future Swedish flat track championship? ;)