Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I went through a period of buying Motocourse books on eBay. I use them for reference and like looking up at the top shelf and seeing their spines. I had six of early ones out looking for some details the other day. I don't have the first ones, with Sheene on it, but I do have two, 80-81. I should sell it to buy some I'm missing. I love the Uncini cover, mostly forgotten now, Ghibli lid, running number 13. G


Nick said...

Nice collection G

Sideburn Magazine said...

Thanks to Leigh Clark who sent this as a message, not a comment.

my fave is the Lucchinelli, hes on it and right on someone else scrape marks! just had a bit of research on my copies, winningest helmet is....Arai with 10 titles,then agv with 8 (as long as you discount sheene
using agv with king stickers on them) then shoei with 7