Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Hi Ben,
29 years after my last National race i rocked up to our local track. [My kids] Kira and Jason are keeping the flame well lit with wins. Here goes Dad!
I got a couple of 2nds and a 4th over all. 50 is the next 20 I reckon.
Let the good times roll! Capt Highside
(Alloy framed) OM Floval Flyer 24" cruiser.

UPDATE: You might think Capt Highside (one of Skooter Farm's dirt track racers, now in semi-retirement) is channeling some boyhood dreams, wearing that Raleigh team kit, but he lived the dream and was actually one of the first team riders in UK BMX. See his photo below.


Stevie Coles said...

dude, or legend...
or both!!.

Captain Highside said...

Cheers for that Stevie but maybe you should take a look at your trophy cabinet! I'm not too sure about the " BMX, Vintage) label either!