Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sang Froid Go To Salem

This came in from Patrick, of the Sang-Froid Riding Club in Portland, a few weeks ago. Patrick makes the Broken Bone patch we sell...

Travis, Andrew and I loaded up the van in the snow on Sunday, headed south to Salem on Sunday morning. The 45-mile drive took a couple of hours in the snow. Figured we'd be sliding all day so why not on the way down, too? 

We road race at OMRRA with Andy DiBrino (below), he's a young go-faster with a number of class championships already under his belt. Andy's recently started flattracking, and doing well. Andy decided to teach a flat track school so we signed up. Run-what-you-brung, there were eight of us on-track, a mix of supermotos, proper flat-trackers, minibikes, and knobbied motocrossers. 

Rode all day at Salem's small track, working on line selection, starts, head position, and more. Andy did a great job and we are hoping to get back down there soon. Had a blast for just a few bucks, and enjoyed watching Brad Baker and Sammy Halbert, who were alternating on-track sessions with us. 

Some photos from Thomas Tran, Keith DiBrino and us. Hope all is well on your end! 

Remember, if you want to try flat track without all the expense of buying a race bike, you can compete at Dirt Quake in the UK or USA this summer. G

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