Thursday, 27 March 2014

DTRA News + Photos by Sam Christmas

The first official practice of the 2014 DTRA series took place at Rye house, Hertfordshire, last Saturday. Great weather, good turn out, decent track conditions, loads of new faces, no need for the paramedics.
All photos: Sam Christmas
Geoff Cain, on his new Honda 450, and Frank Chatokhine (on his old Metisse Triumph).
 The only female rider at the practice, Leah Tokelove.
Two-piece or one-piece leathers? Or motocross kit? Or speedway kevlars. Even Dimitri's jeans over BMX armour. We've seen it all, but never a Welsh dragon onesie (with wings and tail tied up) as worn by Olivier from France (studying in Swansea).
 Dimitri Coste on a borrowed Honda, Tom Firth on a rented CCM 230.
 Ross 'King' Herrod.
David Death Spray came for a few laps on the Rotax KTM he sprayed for Ross. He was quickly up to a good pace.
 Drogo and Ross waiting their turn on track.
 GI, riding without a brake all day, after a malfunction.
There was a French invasion. Five French riders - Olivier (from Les Petroleurs); Christophe and Frank, plus Dimitri and Olivier. There will be one more when Hubert gets his bike built.
Peter Boast (54 - number, not age - the godfather of British flat track) and Guy Sutherland, 97, plus Nick Ashley on his street tracker.
 Boastie, always on it.
 Top junior, Ollie Brindley, moves up to the adult class this season.
 Team Co-Built.

The DTRA are looking to fill two positions -

Commentator - Have you ever fancied yourself as the next Murray Walker? Or maybe you are already better than Murray was. Either way we are after your help at our rounds this year. Alex Ragby our usual commentator is busy at many of our rounds, we would like to develop our own presentation with someone who is enthusiastic about our sport.

Press Officer - We would like more people to hear about what happens at our events. Do you have some spare time to help promote the news from our club.



OILY RAG said...

What a great day. Such a brilliant bunch of people . Thank you to Anthony (DTRA) for arranging it and thanks to you guys at SIDEBURN for creating a buzz.

Captain Highside said...

Hey GI, absolutely lovin' that stylee. Elbow, wrist, hips + lookin' ahead. You got it down! Looks like you had a ball guys.