Saturday, 15 March 2014

Daytona Short Track: Day 2

Kenny Coolbeth Jr wins day 2 at the Daytona GNC season opener. He had led the previous night before a red flag, but didn't restart as well. At one stage in night two he had a 2.5s lead.
Dash for Cash (for the six quickest Expert qualifiers). #5 Johnson; #80 Bonsey; #44 Robinson; #69 J Halbert; #7 S Halbert; #13 Constantine. 
It finished Johnson; Constantine; S Halbert.
Pro Singles class action. 67M Davis Fisher.
Veteran rider (born in 1964!) Dan Ingram made the main, coming 13th. Love everything about this photo: body language; leathers and full face lid. They have so much more character than generic MX pyjamas.
Stevie Bonsey had another good night. He's won on twins and this 3rd on a single shows he has the all-round ability to challenge for the title.
 2011 champ Jake Johnson came in second.
 Sammy Halbert and Kenny Coolbeth.
 Ingram and JR Schnabel.
1. Coolbeth. 2. Johnson. 3. Bonsey
Sammy Halbert came in 4th giving him a clear points lead going to the next round, the Springfield Mile in May AND SIDEBURN IS GOING TO BE THERE!

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.


Stuman714 in Indy said...

Great racing in Daytona the last couple of nights. Couldn't be there but thanks to AMA Pro Racing's FansChoice.TV I saw it all, and the coverage was slicker than heck.
Great to hear you guys will be in Springfield, we'll have to hook up and talk, face to face that is! Great stuff as always from you guys coming from across the pond!

Hairy Larry said...

Great stuff.Sammy Halbert has been posting some good on board camera videos at his FB Fan page and instagram.