Saturday, 29 March 2014

Yamaha 500TT Flat Tracker

Very neat Yamaha 500TT race bike spotted on the Deus Ex Machina blog. It is/was for sale from their Sydney HQ.

If you're using this as a template, make sure you put your lanyard cut-out on the throttle side, not the clutch side.
Can someone tell me more about 'American CCM' frame. Is that ATK? Where they made in the US?

This spec is taken from the site.

Frame - American CCM Frame, Reynolds 531Chrome Moly.
Front forks - Fully adjustable WP units. Triple trees / clamps - American A and A variable units with eccentric adjusters for trail adjustment (5 separate sets of oval adjusters come with the bike)
Front Wheel - A and A hub, laced to PM rim, with Goodyear Eagle rubber.
Handlebars - AFAM with Renthal bar pad, Renthal grips.
Foot-pegs - Bates
Rear Wheel - A and A hub, laced to PM rim, with Goodyear Eagle rubber.
Rear Brakes - Brembo master-cylinder with remote reservoir, Brembo Brake calliper and disc
Tank - Red Max CJ Tracker tank with RedMax dual petcocks.
Rear Shock - WP rear shock w/ adjustable clevis for ride height setting. Remote reservoir fully adjustable for compression and rebound.


Nick said...

Oh' thats very nice

Paul harry Harrison said...

The frame is virtually identical to mine and it was made in norfolk, i have never checked but i have a feeling the same guy was making them for ccm et al at the time. He has now moved down under, Sir name of Cotterel, i used to race with his brother Gary.