Friday, 21 March 2014

DTRA Practice Tomorrow

The first official DTRA practice of the year goes off at Rye House tomorrow, if anyone fancies a ride out for a butcher's.

Anyone who would like to be a flag marshal would be very welcome. You need to be there from 9.30-3 (with breaks in that time).

I will be taking magazines and a few T-shirts if anyone wants to buy anything without paying postage. If there is anything specific you want, leave a comment or email us. G

Rye House Stadium, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0EH

Photo: FT Photos


Nick said...

Have fun

OILY RAG said...

I would like to win , please Gary.

OILY RAG said...

I thought that comment may have been funny but now that I look at it it just looks sad. Please ignor , ( unless you have a bag of left turn talent that you could sell for a fiver)

Anonymous said...

"…fancies a ride out for a butcher's." What in the world does that mean? Please translate for your Texan-American audience!

Sideburn Magazine said...

If you don't understand you couldn't get there anyway. A Butcher's Hook, a look. G