Monday, 10 March 2014


These are the lightweight, forged alloy race wheels that will also be road legal, designed by Jan-Willem of the Dutch Brothers (a Formula 1 engineer and amateur flat track racer).

This is a picture of the second generation prototype superwheels they include some performance and cosmetic refinements. Three sets will go to selected GNC teams, which I would like to thank for their trust and commitment. 
One set will tested for fatigue, impact and corrosion restance. This is required to be approved for legal street use in Europe. The fifth set will be used on a very exciting street-legal-ready-to-race project. 

The Superwheels are now very close to be released for production and to really turn this into a succesful mission, it needs a passionate, hands-on, creative marketing partner if this person is out there, he/she is most likely to read Sideburn so if you feel that this is something you like to do please get in touch.

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