Monday, 3 March 2014

Bolt, London

Officially opening on Thursday this new London shop sounds like it could be something special. Andrew, the man behind it, is putting in a lot of effort to make it just like he wants it.

Though, on paper,  it is the increasingly popular mixture of expensive clobber, old helmets, bikes, art and coffee - there's still a lot of scope there to be original and the converted milk float is a good start.

And until at least every major city has a place like this, I suppose there aren't too many. The internet shrinks the world, making it seem like there are loads of places like this to hang out. I can tell you there aren't any within 100 miles of me.
The launch event is this Thursday.
And they will be stocking Sideburn.
Good luck, Bolt London. G


Kirk said...

Gentrification of the scene, poseurs whatever. I like shops like this. They have great coffee, plenty of nice gear to look at even if I usually can't afford any of it, from t-shirt on up, and generally a really good vibe. This one looks like it's been done incredibly well, more power to 'em and I'll definitely visit when I'm in town. Thanks for the heads up.

Chris Cope said...

I'm pretty sure there's no such place within 100 miles of me, either (Cardiff). I really wish there were. Instead, all we have are roadside cafes occasionally populated by balding men in worn leather suits yammering on about Fireblades.