Thursday, 13 March 2014

March 13 is Dimitri Coste Day. Pt. 1

To celebrate the French cultural ambassador, here is the first of two posts about our favourite Gallic go-getter.
Dimitri gets to fly around the world racing old bikes because he often manages to piggyback a race onto his day job, as a professional photographer and videographer, working for companies in the motorcycle industry, watch firms, magazines and other clients. He has just launched a website, his first proper one. 
Check out new stories by Dimitri in future issues of Sideburn (plus the story of the first time we met him in Sideburn 5 and when he raced Pike's Peak Hill Climb on his classic Triumph TR6C in Sideburn  10).  G


OILY RAG said...

That's not Dimitri . Last time I saw him he wasn't a hot chick sat on a bicycle.

Brad Hardman said...

True, he got to race at pikes peak though apparently Rob..... sorry

Brad Hardman said...
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