Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Where to?

Tom B sent us this

Not sure if you know these guys, a couple of adventure riders scooting about in South America, but spotted what looks like your "Get thee behindme" logo at 50 sec in.  
All the best, Tom

We do know one of them for sure, Martin from Sweden, living in Japan, exploring South America, from the great Time You Enjoy Wasting... blog. There's also another Sideburn sticker on the bike's fairing right at the end of this great clip - what looks, appropriately, like Sandy. I'm pretty sure this short, mainly GoPro footage film will inspire a lot of daydreams. G

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m. said...

Sandy indeed! I guess you've seen a significant increase in site-traffic and orders from South America in the last few months and I reckon it's safe to say that all that can be traced to the Sandy sticker on my bike... Sooo, to where do I send the invoice Gary? ;)

Here's a pic of Sandy (with volcano in the background) on the front for my 690 for those who's interested: