Friday, 14 March 2014

Daytona Short Track Day 1

Briar Bauman won his first national, from Sammy Halbert and Brandon Robinson. He won by a clear 1.9s, a mile in short track terms. 
Reigning champ, Brad Baker battling with Stevie Bonsey. Baker was blackflagged from the main for swapping a bike after a bike after the main was red-flagged. Swapping to a back-up is allowed, but his bike wasn't in the back-up bike area (or some such minor indiscretion). He lost his points from the first round last year and still won the title. National winner, Bonsey is doing his first ever complete season in the Zanotti team (alongside Coolbeth, who was 17th in the main).
Brandon Robinson, came in third. If he stay fit this year he'll be even more of a challenger. 
Sammy Halbert was second in the main and won the Dash for Cash, so he is equal on points with Bauman. 

The second round goes of on Friday evening. 
Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

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JP said...

Watched tonight's on web-streaming. DMG made a hash of so many TV contracts they had to go web streaming to get any coverage for AMAPro racing, and they are doing a halfway decent job but my connection gets glitchy (the joys of living out in the sticks), and their cameras are not the best placed in either the Road races or the Dirt track. Though I think the dirt track guys do better and have a bit more practice as they were covering it last year.