Saturday, 2 May 2009

pedal power

€10 impulse buy. Wouldn't have given it the time of day, but those lugs gave me the hots and I couldn't walk away. I'm going to join the fashionista and make a fixie out of it + they just built an all-wood turn left board-track velodrome 15 minutes from where I'm living, so now there's no excuse. BP


William said...

A) updates on the velodrome please and
B) where oh where can I get some jaunty socks like that...?

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...


A) Velodrome is now complete, its called the Omnisport Centrum in Apeldoorn Holland. I went there for the first time yesterday but it was May Day and they weren't open for business. I've ridden a banked motorcycle circuit, but pedaling is going to even more weird.

B) Birthday present from sister-in-law! They're from Paul Smith. I don't sport Lycra so club membership may be problematic.


William said...

Beautiful! Hope we get more pictures. I don't know if there's anything like that in the States.
Did you guys recieve my illustrations? I was curious to get a qualified opinion on the subject matter. Now on Flickr-

DoubleOhTwo said...

Ben, what an awesome find! Can't wait to see what you do with it! Reynolds=Quality! Gold Answer Pro Taper bars!

By Hand and By Brain said...

sweet-love the duffer look!

Anonymous said...

i shall notify bsnyc pronto

Mick P said...

Lugtastic frame - like it. Duffer socks - quality. But my attention is taken more by the log store. Ah, how I miss our open fires and woodburner... A morning spent splitting and stacking logs on a crisp autumn day is one mighty excuse for a beery lunch in front of the fire.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Pumped up the tyres rock hard and went for my first proper spin tonight - and took out 3 different Lycra racers!

The current highest gear ratio (from the original 10 speed) is 14-52 which seems a bit low??? but maybe high enough for traffic dodging flexibility???

002, I'm actually after some droopy Nitto bars or something similar???

lynnef said...

I don't think it is a Gitane. If you are turning it into a fixie, save those vintage shift levers, though. Vintage Gitane stuff is found here: http:/