Sunday, 25 April 2010

Why they call him Slammin' Sammy

This is from Slammin' Sammy Halbert. It's an example of indoor short track at its most uncompromising. He's doing something with Randy K for Sideburn 6.

Hi Gary,
Thought you might enjoy this youtube video I linked to my latest race report.
I spoke with Randy a little about doing the story, sounds cool I will try to brainstorm up some ideas of what I want to say in it.
Thanks, Sammy

Subject: Halbert Bros. Race Report
I just wanted to send out a little race report while I have a chance here. We are south bound on I-5 right now headed to Willow Springs Raceway for round one of Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track series. Its a great track and always brings out some of our sports best so look for an update next week or check for updates from the track.

4-17-10 Kent, WA Sho Ware Center

Mickey Fay presented "Extreme" Flat Track motorcycle racing at the Kent Sho Ware center, it is a really nice facility and I was excited for the opportunity to race in front of my friends and family for a large purse. We were racing on the polished concrete surface of the arena and there was also Quad racing and freestyle MX for halftime entertainment.
The track was by far the biggest and best indoor concrete track I have ever rode and everything started out great. Everyone would get one chance to set their fastest lap in qualifying and I was really happy to set the fast time because I have not done that in a while with the old style qualifying format of just one chance at one lap. Jethro qualified in the third position.
The heat race didn't go so well, I started on the inside pole which is a huge advantage on this type of track, I got the lead but for some reason didn't have the grip I had earlier and Joe Kopp passed me for the win sending me to a semi.
Jethro was able to get the holeshot and win his heat race but it seemed he wasn't as hooked up as before so something was going on with our set-up and we would have to address it in a hurry.
I was able to win my semi to make the main event and felt a little better about my set-up but in the four lap Dash for Cash Brad Baker was able to get by me for the win. With all the friends and family here I really wanted to have a better showing and my chances didn't look good going into the main event as Kopp was on the inside pole and looked to be tough to beat. While I was outside against the wall generally not a good spot for an indoor concrete track. Well if you can spare 6 minutes out of your busy schedule please click on this youtube link of my helmet cam from the main event and see how it goes down.

UPDATE: As Mick says in the comments - If you're only seeing a very narrow version of the video, right click and opt to watch on YouTube and it'll open in another window.


Mick P said...

If you're only seeing a very narrow version of the video, right click and opt to watch on YouTube and it'll open in another window.

Nick said...

Awesome, Giddy need to sit down,must be getting old!!