Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oi Polloi: Two more days

Oi Polloi's window before the stickers went up.Pete's Stiletto getting some free fuel from the FT. Note Bedlington Terrier on back seat.
Action Man 1970s Adventurer is an Oi Polloi fashion icon. The geezer in the mirror trying on shoes is singer Finley Quaye.

Project FT is in Oi Polloi's window for a couple of more days before it's taken to the Stafford Show. When I took it up there I hung around for an hour. Firstly messing about draining all the fuel in dandelion and burdock bottles that I then gave to a passing motorcyclists on an old Hinckley Trophy, then to Pete to top up his Sunbeam Stiletto. Pete Masters is an interesting fella. He's an artist, furniture maker, shop fitter. He's fitted out some of the most eye-catching shops in Manchester. He also had a Bedlington Terrier in the back of his ar that had it's own little knitted version of Bedlington Terrier to keep it company in its backseat basket. Quirky? Oh yes. GI


Guy@GK said...

Bedlingtons are the best. And I thought that was a Hillman Imp at first glance.

RichM said...

Let me know if you want that moving - i can pop in after work!