Friday, 29 April 2011


Last week Boastie organized a special PR day to promote his new 2011 Suzuki flat track team. The venue was the Coventry Bees stadium at Rugby Road, Coventry. It's an impressive 301 meter track that has been used for Speedway and dog racing since 1929. A small bunch of journos were invited along to try the bikes. He and his prodigy Tim Neave showed us how it was meant to be done, then we mostly disregarded all the instruction and had a daft time. Sutty from Dirt Bike Rider magazine was a natuaral and bounced off the barriers a few times.15 year old Tim is a twisted firestarter and we will do a feature on him for a future issue of Sideburn.The two bikes are both RM-Z 450 injection in standard factory frames. (Boastie's custom built framer is not yet finished). The Engine spec is the same as the donor MX bike. The front forks have been changed from 47 to 43mm. The rear shock has had a new hole drilled in the bottom mount to drop the bike 20mm. The rear swingarm has had a section cut out to shorten the standard 1495mm wheelbase to 1390mm - the rear tyre is now right up to the lateral brace. 19" wheels and tyres. A tidy custom made CoBuilt exhaust. And thats it. It makes riding my CCM seem like an unwieldily oilrig.Boastie has mastered several different bikes over the short history of UK flat track, this little flyer should be a guaranteed winner for 2011.It was also good to meet Tim Keeton Impact Images - who shot our Roland Sands XR1200 story in SB#7, who was there to shoot for Suzuki UK, who are supporting Boastie. BP


dave skooter farm said...

Good looking shot of Ben Part (bottom left in the collage) Looks like he got some valuable track time one on one with Boastie!!

Griff said...

When Boastie is racing lets hope they put all the bolts in the rear sprocket !

Anonymous said...

the kids are on the march!.
tims little bro looks well quick 2.
with them, tom and smiler, the futures lookin bright!!.