Monday, 25 April 2011

Wiles wins Salinas Short Track

Yes, we called him a TT specialist, then he went and won the short track.
Super-consistent Chris Carr was again in the top 6 and made the Dash for Cash. Wait until they start racing the twins.
Sammy Halbert (chased by Jake Johnson), came third in the Main.
This is the Pro Singles class (red numbers, feeder to the Expert class). In the back of the shot is #50E, the Cycle World journalist Mark Cernicky. He came 12th in the Main. He's even faster than we thought he was. His best lap was less than 2/10ths off what experts in the Main were running.
Heat race action: 49 Cose; 23 Carver Jr; 7 S. Halbert (eventually 3rd in the Main); 95 Beach; 46 Lindfors; 37 Jimmy Wood (2nd in the Main)
Can't stop the Halberts. Jethro won the Dash for Cash (special race for the six fastest Expert qualifiers) and 4th, just behind his brother, in the Main.
Dash for Cash was contested by Carr (not in shot); 80 Bonsey; 7 S Halbert; 17 Wiles; 69 J Halbert; 37 Wood. Result was Jethro; Wood; Bonsey.
Imagine being in the middle of this.
This is Robert Pearson, but what are those wheels?

NEXT RACE: Springfield TT and Mile at the end of May.
Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

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Icon Motosports said...

The wheels are factory Harley units called Lightning Stars (typical creative HD naming). They were original equipment on 2001 FXDWG CVO for sure, maybe others...