Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wendy On The Move

The suposedly 'bomb-proof' roof I made for my kid's wendy house, didn't fair so well over the winter. It didn't like the frost followed by intermittent sun; the shrink then expand has caused some of the fiberglass to de-laminate and crack. Even the hard-wood stable door stretched wonky. Balls. Anyway, had to move it's location now my wife has started landscaping our scruffy garden. Years ago after me and 4 friends all put our backs out trying to move a large office safe (we were not robbing it), I had the idea of building an industrial strength skateboard for moving heavy shit, but didn't get around to test my vehicle until now. These tiny solid wheels are from the Amsterdam ironmongers Gunters en Meuser (I could never go there without coming away with more than I went in for - usually some weird 'must-have' widget). The trucks are made of pressed steel, I'd like to see the Myth Busters destroy them. Using 16 wheels I made one skateboard for each leg to run on plank runners. BP

1 comment:

james Chappell said...

You should get the wife to landscape the roof sunshine.
Job done get a brew on.

And stop self harming yourself.