Saturday, 30 April 2011


(via DSC). Garage People, a magazine dedicated to people and their garages, showing the exact position of every object and its specification. Anal Love. BP


Hairy Larry said...

Hmmmmm, this reminds me of another Japanese mag that was called "Exciting Bike". In it they would refer to collectors and restorers of classic machinery as "Classic Bike Romans". Anyone remember that one? It's been a few years.

mp said...

You wanna loook in my garage, let me see, there's some old fish heads in a sack to be fly tipped, a bunch of wine bottles, a tent, some paint cans, this old carpet I got but it has sick and excrement on it, Im gonna cut around that tho. I'm lying, i'll never have a garage!!

747 said...

If they did a piece on my garage I would beat up the pages more than my favorite Hustler spank mag! :)