Friday, 22 April 2011

Original Racing Situation, Treviso

We wrote about the Italian's new take on dirt fun, the ORS - Original Racing Situation in Sideburn 7. It's dirt track bikes plus drift cars, plus a full Italian dirt track race and music and stuff. It's going to be fun. Here's what Paolo from Zaeta has to say about it...

UPDATE: I forgot to say it's May 7/8

"We will combine rock dj set with drifting exhibition with cars (Graziano Rossi and probably Loris Reggiani, ex 250 champion among others), an official Italian short track championship race and motocross freestyle exhibition by the Daboots (the best team in Italy). During the event Freddie Spencer, Graziano, Marco Belli and possibly others will ride some short track bikes for exhibition.
2 days of rock and dirt , just for Love...
Thanks as always. Paolo."

Freddie Spencer is racing. He's wearing this special Arai and it's going on eBay. I bet my mate John would like it.

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Anonymous said...

now that is a cool lookin lid!!.
sounds like a mega day aswell.