Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fumi's Shirt

From Fumi...

Hi, my name is Fumi from 6th street specials in NY.
I always enjoy your magazine and your blog.
The reason why Im writing down this E-mail is about Charity T-shirt for Japan.
I made charity T-shirt for Japan. I really want to spread this charity T-shirt thing.
If you guys can put my blog on your blog, that will be really really appreciate it.
Get it here
Thank you, Fumi

I tried to write in English though,dumb my English...
Anyway send me E-mail directly or  This is the E-mail which I'm using as this project. I can send the T-shirt anywhere in the world.


#39 said...

Great effort by Fumi! I'll buy one if I can figure out how...

Fumi said...

Thank you for posting about this Tomodachi project on your website.
If anybody couldn't understand my BLOG, send me an E-mail directly.
Thank you again.