Monday, 18 April 2011

Garrett's Debut

We told you Garret was going to race his Aermacchi in this post. Well. this is what he had to say.

My first flat track race is in the books! What a blast!
The vintage class was chock full of TT500s, as I expected, so I was for sure outgunned in that respect, plus the riders were dang good! My first heat, a fouled plug ended my race right off the starting line. There was a huge pile up in corner 2 that took out most of the group, so I guess it's good I missed that.
Now in the main I really learned a few things. Most importantly, is that my bike is NOT set up well for racing. It bounced and bucked and twisted, and was generally a huge handful to keep on any kind of line. Could not hook up at all. So I guess I'm going to have to talk to someone who knows suspension a lot better than I do, and spend a couple bucks on new shocks and a new rear tire. Probably go up a couple teeth on the rear sprocket so I can grab another gear and maybe keep myself from getting lapped!
Here's a video of my debacle. Dig that awesome start!
On the plus side, my friend Barry took 2nd in Hooligans on his Sportster (below)!
Anyway, thanks Sideburn and Jason for the inspirati
on. This 44 year-old is hooked!



stevie coles said...

your out there m8, thats what matters!.
well done.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Go Garrett!
If you can time it that the (actual) winner laps you at as you cross the start-finish line and the checkered flag drops, you can get some photographic (fake) evidence of you as the winner!
(works for me)

Bob said...

Haha! That's some good thinking BP! I need to get someone at the ready with the camera next time.

What fun. I should've started this a long time ago!

- Garrett

Bob said...

Oh! and here's Barry's (Green Sportster) Main event:

Paul Baleta said...

Well done Garrett! You're now a 'flattrack racer' !

747 said...

Right on! Its great to see the local track on sideblog. wish i had been out their!