Monday, 12 March 2012

Big Night Out

I rode the 110 miles down to London to see The Stags play at the Soundflat Records party at The Stag's Head, Hoxton. I didn't know how great it was going to be. The venue is cool, with a tiny stage. Loads of interesting people turned up, the DJ - the boss of Soundflat Records, whose party it was, rivalled Johnny Alpha for danceable rare tunes, including an original pressing of Northern Soul classic, Magic Touch.
First band up, MFC Chicken, looked like a 50s prom combo, but sounded like The Sonics. All their songs were about love or chicken. Or loving chicken. Can't wait to see them again.Sideburn's Dave Skooter Farm played in two bands on the night, The Stags and first, The Shook-Ups, who did a great set of original garage killers with lead singer Steve getting turned on by the crowd's attention.
Race van, band van. LDV does everything.
No hot ashes
Stags Style: slip-ons and manmade fibres.
Somewhat disappointingly Topsy Stag didn't bother getting dressed up for this gig.
Big daft Shaun and Stags drummer Kenny Roquette.The Stags in action!
Stags keyboard maestro Spencer Chess was on fire.
Two go-go dancers flew in from Paris just to see the gig. They had matching shimmy dresses (Dave told me that's the name of them and it makes sense) and danced for the whole Stags set. That's what the Stags do to people. This is Spencer Chess with one of them. The other was Mimi de Monmartre. Youtube search her if you're feeling down.
A couple of interesting cruisers were locked up outside. I never imagined anyone this cool would be riding. The lady had hotpants, patent high heels and a Wookie fur jacket, the chap had black and white correspondent brogues and fanciful facial hair. Good going.
1.20am. 70 miles down, 40 to go. The Cockroach now stands me at £1100 with new Continental tyres, oil change, and a day or so at CFM fitting the lights and clocks that the previous owner cut off. About ten minutes after this I was buzzed on the A1 by motorway plod. I dropped from 85 to 70 and he shadowed me for a couple of miles, probably running my plate, then had the decency to leave me alone, for which I was grateful. Common sense rules.
Great night out. G

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Mick P said...

Sorry not to have been there. And you really do have to take a look at Mimi de Monmartre. Try watching without smiling.