Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sideburn Award Verona

We were honored to be asked to nominate a 'Sideburn Award' for the bike of our choice out of the zillion on show at this years Verona Motorbike Expo. Choosing a top 10 was fairly easy, but it was a close shave to the wining post. Danny Hard 9's sparkly Cub pipped it - now featured in SB#10Danny on the podium, uneasy at being the denim filling in a tweed sandwich. Photo from Freeway magazine. BP


Domagoj Kuna said...

The numero dieci finally arrived. I love the smell of Sideburn in the morning - smells like victory :)

Anthony Brown said...

Just to say I have been reading number 10. Man thats a good mag!

db said...

My best in show was the Hard Nine XS. Nice