Monday, 19 March 2012

Ready to Rumble: Dirt Quake

It's two months till Dirt Quake and we're full steam ahead.
Band is booked; stunt rider is booked; tattooed, fishnet-wearing roller display ladies are booked; vintage speedway race is sorted and we've had a lot of interest in Sideburn race classes.

We're very happy to announce the UK importer of Storz parts and Zero choppers (plus builders of show-winning bikes) Krazy Horse Customs have joined Spirit of the Seventies, Icon and Co-Built as a sponsor. If your company wants to be a sponsor, get in touch.

Our race entry forms will go out early next week. Those who've already contacted us have first choice at the places, but need to get their entries in pronto. There are a few left spaces on each grid, but not many. Email us if you want to compete. Race entry is £15 plus £5 day licence. That gets you into the event too, obviously.

Here are the classes:
Chopper - it must look like a chopper. It does not have to be road legal. It cannot simply be a stripped down factory custom. Factory customs go into inappropriate road bike.
Inappropriate road bike - Road legal, working lights and horn and a registration plate, we're not the police so we're not checking documents. Comply to the spirit of the class. If you're in any doubt ask. We've got Enfield, BMW, BSA Bantam and Vespas lining up so far.
Street Tracker - self-explanatory. Must have working taillight and horn, otherwise it's a race bike. We're letting street scramblers in too, because some lovely bikes have shown an interest.

Anyone who has a sand racer or hillclimber should enter the novice class of Short Track UK. It will be great to have you involved, but our classes are for bikes that couldn't/shouldn't normally compete. f you want more details on the Novice class rules, let us know.

DEALERS - We've got some good ones lined up, but we want more. Get in touch for excellent deals on pitches.

Some people have asked about campsites. We're not organising any camping and people can't camp at the track. Just google Coventry campsites, there seems to be three.

It's going to be good. G

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