Sunday, 25 March 2012

What could possibly go wrong?

I started racing about the same time as big Stu, but he's had a few breaks. He's ready for another comeback.

Hi Gary
Thanks for issue #10 and the stickers . High lights for me are the articles by Dan Walsh and Jason , with the others close behind.

I've enclosed a before (below) and after of the bike I'll be riding this year. It's an Ebay special, ex-field bike that had been used and abused . Honda spent a few bob developing a bike to race thousands of miles across deserts , so I reckoned it'd be ideal for 8 laps of a speedway track. Not at all overweight , or too big with suspension that'd cope with jumps at top speed .I thought it showed potential for £720, and deserved a better life.
Co-Built waved their magic wand at it over the winter.
Can't make the practice at Rye House , so after owning it for 6 months the first time I'll ride it will be at Leicester next week. Shake-downs are for pussies, I say. What could possibly go wrong?
Cheers , and see you next week

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Paul Baleta said...

That's a sweet lookin' machine! Looking forward to seeing it out at Leicester for the shake-down!