Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Making of On Any Sunday

1971 must-see (if you haven't 10 times already), seminal classic from surfing film maker Bruce Brown. SB#10 studies history. BP


Chris said...

The opening sequence ties it in really nicely with the then nascent BMX scene in California. Check out 'Joe Kid on a Stingray' it's just like the start of On Any Sunday.

Hairy Larry said...

Had to find my copy of the movie to watch it again. I used to work with the guy that gets clipped by the off course rider in the 'local motocross' action scenes.He's the one swearing a blue streak, and picks up a rock and almost throws it at the guy that hit him. He went on to race a TZ-700 powered sidecar racer with his wife as monkey. Also got involved with trials riding. I live just a stones throw away from the old Sac-Mile site. Those mile race scenes are still awesome after all these years.

dael said...

Got my copy delivered today. Great article. Great film. Nice to hear from the filmmakers and 'stars' of such an inspiring movie. Brilliant idea