Monday, 5 March 2012

SB#10 Cover Star

Sideburn #10 is finally at the printers. Up to just a few days before our deadline, we had still not shot the planned cover which was a bit nail biting. But it all came together including the weather down on the Neave farm. Tim Neave is not your average hoodie wearing yoof. Put him on a flat tracker - even one he's never ridden before - a '50s style rigid at that, and he's more elegant that Robin Cousins on ice - check out the poise of his be-trainered foot tickling the surface of the dust. The definition of Panache.
Of course we dressed him more sensibly for the actual shoot, than the RSD retro Bell jet helmet, and tracky-bums worn for the test run shown here. Not. BP

1 comment:

RichM said...

Congrats on another world first - tracky bottoms on the front cover of a bike magazine!

Looking forward to it!