Thursday, 1 March 2012

Plastic biker

The Inman household has been after this fella for a while. My lad doesn't play with his Playmobil as much as he used to, but when this chopper rider was re-released and spotted by Mrs I we had to have him to join all the other riders in the toybox. The rider wears Fiddy-esque cowboy boots, trousers with metal discs up the seam (conches?), a black waistcoat (no back patch), skull shirt (perhaps from Iron & Resin) and a Centurion full-face. He's also sporting a fantastic Chesterfield Kings-style, page boy mop (below).

His bike is an innovative V3 (maybe Honda NS400) with girder front end, apes and twin lights.

There are five other bikes in the re-released Playmobil riders series. G

UPDATE: Check out more Sideburn Playmobil fun and here too.

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