Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dan Walsh: Our man in Mablethorpe

Dan Walsh, one of the most original and readable talents to have written about motorcycles, has supplied an exclusive story for Sideburn 10. While his creative juices were flowing he wrote this about a recent visit to Mablethorpe. Thanks Dan (and Hayley for the photos).

Everyday is, like, Sandy....

Sunshone two-stroke smoke, salty north sea spray and sandy smiles for miles. Sunday's beach race at Mablethorpe was an English spring delight. Open pipes, open faces, wide the fuck open throttles closed the Golden Sands to dogs and walkers, opened them for thumpers and dirty scramblers.

Round and round, round after round, ran fluoro-dressed crossers, tartan-trousered kwackers and triumphant scrapyard knackers. No blink and you miss it one-hit wonder, like the sunday papers this shit goes on for happy hours. Time to watch, chuckle, stroll with ice creams, let on to passing aunties walking dogs and slinging swag - to some Mablethorpe's nowt but a chip wrapper, greasy old rubbish, but it's also a travelling showmen wintering ground, home away from home for our inlaws and outlaws.

Blow on a chip, pick a favourite. Old man(c) Lomas was the smoothest on his Conti'd Honda, and had the slickest set-up with his missus in her van-powered starter rollers. The grasstracker boys seemed to circle fastest, Barrie Gammidge's Dirty Thirty Triumph 900 seemed straight-line quickest, mid-corner slowest, carving curious over-shot spiraled lines. The elbows-out motocross kids were the most competitive, the balls out-unlimited roadsters the most joyous - for no good reason nor bad reason, we cheered loudest for prettiest twin-shocker Bonnie Number 22 and ugly bug Green Fifteen.

Open pits, open access - stand where you like, go where you want. Hang out behind the vans with the parents and partners leaking anxiety & pride, sit on the stone steps with the high-viz Sunday riders, sip in Sharky's bar with the old local soaks. Just remember this shit won't be there forever. Next rounds are on the 11th and 25th March. Support your local beach race!

Read more about Mablethorpe Beach Races (and Daytona, when it was still a beach race) in Sideburn 3. G


mcnasty_W.O.R_rider said...

that sand arouses me greatly. i want to ride on a beach

Harley said...

My favourite writer and my favourite races. Bliss has come early this Friday!

kk#38 said...

..what an awesome idea, and good read.
hell we aint done since th 50's..
props to you fellows

Elton A.R. Alwine said...

I have to purchase this back issue. Dan is one of the reasons I fell head over heals for Bike Magazine back in the late '90s. His wanderlust was instrumental in creating the motorcyclist/traveler/writer in me!

Glad I found the magazine, Gary. I look forward to picking up all the back issues available...