Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sideburn 10 - available for pre-order

We've made it into double figures. SB10 is at the printers and will be at Sideburn HQ before the end of this coming week. If you want to get your pre-orders in it lets us prepare the first wave for the post office a bit more smoothly.

We're doing a combo offer with a scarf. £14 for mag and scarf (plus P&P).
The Rollerball-style Sideburn stickers are back in stock too, orange or black.

If you think your sub has run out, get in touch and we'll check. We haven't had time to do reminders yet. Any dealers or potential dealers reading this get in touch too. dirt @
Click here for your Sideburn stuff. Thanks.


Dan said...

Terrific cover and a terrific achievement - ten issues of self published DIY dirty gloss and gritty glamour is well worth celebrating with ten laps of a local track or ring road, ten pints of best bitter or glasses of peaty scotch, ten top singles and frugged grooves on a sweaty dancefloor. Ten reasons to be proud of yourselves, gents. Especially good work GI, BP, MP.

Suerte, DW

ps i must be part robot cause i fuckin hate captchas...

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Sweet! Will order as always, got them all!

Harley said...

Waiting for the post man!