Friday 30 March 2012

Pursang Motors 450 Racer

A new flat track race bike, from new company Pursang Motors in Spain. Our friend Jacapo Monti tested it.

My name is Jim. I'm from Spain (Barcelona) and I'm the owner of Pursang. During the last years I have been making a motocross prototype and because I love flat track, the last weeks I made a flat track single version.
Since I'm a follower of you I thought It could be interesting you to see the test images and the images of the exhibition where I presented it.

I modified the Pursang 450i motocross bike in one week to show it in MOTOEMOTIONS 2012 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein and after tested it in Novara on the way back home. It was a special trip for me as it's the first "action" I do professionally for Pursang. What I did before within Pursang was during my free time in my garage and with computer as a hobby. I was working since
one month ago as a car designer but I quit to concentrate full time on motorbikes and Pursang, my real passion.

The engine is a 450 injection from Sherco straight from factory, only the exhaust is changed. It needs more power and probably a 510 injection from the same brand would be better. I'm in contact with them to speak about the new generation engines they are building to use them in Pursang bikes.

From now on I will improve the motorbike listening Jacopo´s suggestions as I want to do a special machine specific for flat track.

Jacopo´s evaluation of the bike was that the base is working already really good though being a first flat track setup.
The front could be lower and the engine stronger. Add minor changes on ergonomics, mainly on the right side to allow more leg pressure on the tank, and he would prefer highest handlebar, and we go for the next test ride.
I Thank Jacopo for all his guidance!

I hope you like the Project and I want to say you´re doing a great magazine!