Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SB#10 Launch Party Liverpool

Nothing beats the drone of motorcycles in the Queensway tunnel to welcome me back to Liverpool - this time Supertrapp, Akraprovic and Remus were performing (sounds like the line-up for some dodgy eastern bloc metal festival).A quick hack across town through start-of-the-weekend traffic and we're at Davida Fid's house for a hearty pre-party nosh-up (two proper 'Tintin in Botswana' cauldrons of curry and tongue teasing salads). Lyrics Lounge seems to fill up instantly and stay so until 2 in the morning, El Toro were on fiah.the 'stage' was level with the dance floor so the moshing drunks kept falling into the monitor speakers.when the last DJ came on, the last lone dancer was boddy-popping to Sisters of Mercy. Made my night. BP


Sahina said...

I bet the last one body popping to Sisters of mercy was me eh??ha

Great Night boys!


Mick P said...

Sad to have missed it, looks like it was a good one. El Toro are great, loved them at the Rollerburn Pre Party back in November.