Saturday, 3 March 2012

Streetmaster Race Bike - EXCLUSIVE

From L-R: Richard 'Mule' Pollock, Richard 'Streetmaster' Varner, Jeff Johnson, Shawn Kump
The legendary Dick 'Bugsy' Mann checking out the bike.
The Streetmaster, built by Mule, is the high water mark of street tracker's, the one all others will be judged against. And now there's a race version, tested at Perris, California. Exclusive news from Mule himself...

Richard Varner who IS Streetmaster decided we should build a race bike to showcase our chassis and other parts soon to be available. So that's what we did. Racing intent is start out locally and see how it goes with the strong possibility of bigger things later this year.

The motor has the 270 degree crank with the total emphasis on traction and torque. Weight is very low (I plan to get it weighed this week) and handling is neutral and superb according to test pilot Pro Jeff Johnson. Power is good and more dyno work, gear sorting and refinement will take place over the next couple weeks. All in all, a great first outing with perfect weather. More to come for sure.

The $75,000 Streetmaster prototype (with titanium spokes!) was featured in Sideburn 8


Nick said...

Bugger, knew there was a reason for doing the Euro lottery this week

Diedre Greenshields said...

You couldn't fit those four hunks in a Citroen Berlingo.