Monday, 16 July 2012

125 Required for Sideburn Stevie Gee Project

We need a 125 motorcycle for a project we're doing with Imperial Sex Wizard (and part-time art dude) Steve Gee.
It must:
Be a road bike (MoT not necessary)
Be a good runner, though it can be rough around the edges
Have spoke wire wheels (not cast)
Be Japanese
Be a motorcycle, not a Cub or scooter.
Have no gypsy curses placed upon it (or other bad ju-ju)
Cost in the region of £500 or less to us.

Can anyone help?


MKSIM. said...

Like my lil CG ?

MKSIM. said...

Sideburn Magazine said...

Yeah, a CG would be cool. But it needs to be in the UK. G

Hairy Larry said...

MKSIM has 12,051 members at his blog?Wow.Got a candidate in my backyard, but alas, too far away.

Hairy Larry said...

Take that back, it's a blog he follows...errr, gotta work on my Spanish. But still, wow.

Alex 1391 said...

How about a Suzuki sb200 which is modded in a british trials style?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Alex, at the moment we're looking for something learner friendly, so we think it needs to be 125. Gary

YZ400BEN said...

Alex-how much is yer SB? Looking for something similar for a project too, but up to 250cc.