Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Limp Pocket Shirt


I know it would've made more sense to get this in at the same time as the latest magazine, but the mag was late and the T-shirt was early. Anyway, it's here now. Navy blue with a white print, combining two of our most popular stickers - Sideburn soul on the pocket, If you don't limp... and Dwayne on the back.
S to XXL on a heavy Fruit of the Loom, screenprinted en Angleterre. If you want one, don't hang around, some of our T-shirts sell out pronto.

Sideburn webshop

Note, the white on the graphic is to show the outline, there is no white stitching, it's blue. I'll get a photo sorted when I get five minutes.
These will be sent out early next week, when we get back from Spain. Grassyass me ameegos! G


7point62 said...

Dammit Gary, I've already preordered the mag and you bring out another really cool tee! Are you in league with the Royal Mail, or just plain awkward?!


Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Got mine already, cheers Gary. It goes really well with my crutches! ;)

Jamie #29r

7point62 said...

Ouch, get well soon Jamie. Anyway, SB#11 arrived a couple of days ago (and jolly fine it is too), so I think I'll just have to order a Limp Pocket tee anyway!