Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lima Last Lap Lunacy

I don't know what went on before this move, some argy-bargy no doubt, but this seems a pretty bloodthirsty move by Henry Wiles, edging Sammy into the fence.
And to think, it was Sammy Halbert (on the receiving end here) that got banned for dangerous riding in 2010 (see the story here).
This last lap makes my hair stand on end.
Then watch the interview with Sammy and the champagne celebration. No love lost. The sooner the TV companies wake up to the coverage they could get out of the GNC the better. G
Thanks to Roger F and Mike S for the link.


Hairy Larry said...

Yeah...go Sammy! See you in Sacramento.

Anonymous said...

trouble brewin down t farm!!.

Chris said...

paging Dr Freud!