Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Vicious Cycles

I love The Vicious Cycles. The five-piece punk band from Vancouver, Canaduh have supplied two songs for the Dirt Quake advert and event film. Both those songs and another 11 killers are on the CD we have for sale in the Sideburn shop.
The whole LP is motorsickle-related, but it doesn't come off the least bit forced or cheesy. It's just feelgood, getting shit done music. I'm listening to this right now and it's putting me in a great mood.
It comes with a nicely printed 12-page, colour lyric book and it's only £10! Go to The Vicious Cycles.

Norm McFuzzybutt of Motorcycho is on theremin and backing vocals. I'm pretty sure his son plays drums for the band (they're the two on the left in the band photo).
Norm has stocked us up with some back issues of Motorcycho, but I got the order wrong and didn't get the issue people are waiting for. Sorry. I'll sort it out. G


Dan said...

Quickest way to kill a piece of music is to work with it, edit it into a video. But even after long days & late nights of cuts & loops & repeats, both Vicious Cycles tracks kept making us chuckle and strum, shuffle & singalonga. Lovely stuff.

Dan & H

WhitelinePsycho said...

Cracking stuff, thanks.