Tuesday, 31 July 2012

World's Nicest Indian for Sale

Our good friend Jason has put his Indian Sport Scout up for sale. It features in Sideburn 10 (where these Paul Bryant photos are from).
It is stunning and has a £2000-plus magnesium Smith-Kanrin rear drum.
It'll cost you £15,000.

See all the details here. No bored old men who just want to talk about bikes, no tyre kickers, no agencies, please. G


Nick said...

Cheap when a crap Brough starts at three times that amount for wreck, I know which one I would prefer

Mick P said...

You mean a Brough that's in crap condition, not that Broughs are crap, surely? Overpriced, certainly.

Nick said...

Broughs are vastly over rated, BSA Y13 a much better option

Chester Belter said...

That's gorgeous. Not a word I often use to descibe a motorcycle.