Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Sacramento Mile

Bryan Smith was the first man to win a twin race on a 650 ER6 Kawasaki, when he won the Springfield and Indy Miles on the Werner Springsteen bike, back in 2010. He left the team and chose to race Harley XR750, but has returned to a Jap twin framer. This weekend he won the Sac Mile on the Howerton Kawasaki
Sammy Halbert came fifth. His brother Jethro, made it through the semis to finish 11th.
UPDATE: Sammy and Cory Texter (Shayna's brother) are complaining about the restrictors the XR's have to use on Instagram.
Jared Mees, 3rd in the Main. He leads the combined GNC title.
Briar Bauman, from Sideburn 10, didn't make the Main.
Nichole Cheza, 13th in the Main.
 Jared Mees (9) and Jake Johnson (1) have been head to head in the twins races all year. Jake won the Dash for Cash, J-Rod was second. Jake came second in the Main.

We have a great, in-depth story on Jake's Zanotti XR750 and what makes it so competitive, in Sideburn 11.
 Brandon Robinson, who came to race us in the UK when he was 16, is now on the Werner Springsteen Kawasaki and came fourth (career best, in the twins class, I think).
 I love it when the bikes run two different wheels. This is Mikey Avila.
Another view of the winner's Howerton Kawasaki.
YEAH! After bashing himself up at the Springfield TT, Mikey Martin showed his potential with a 9th in the main on the Bonneville Performance Triumph. We also have a great story on this bike, in Sideburn 11, written by the man who built the bike,  Bill Gately.
51 is Steve Murray on the KTM in the heats. He made the main and came 15th. In the main, won by a Kawasaki, were three Kawasakis, one KTM, one Ducati, one Triumph and 12 H-D XR750s.
Build a bike that can win and, it seems, Bryan Smith will win on it. 

Photos: AMA Pro Racing.


Steve said...

those dudes are short and those ladies are tall...great update too.

Hairy Larry said...

There was an "open paddock" before the races, as well as after. I've got some pics of the bikes before they were getting dirty posted at my blog, and some more coming later.It was some exciting racing to watch.

WhitelinePsycho said...

As Steve wrote, cracking update, it's great to see such a broad spectrum of manufacturers in the mix, legit excitement.

txcomt said...

So the Harley guys are whining about not winning, huh? Kinda hard to feel sorry for 'em since the Motor Company has dominated US flat track for decades. Maybe they should take a hint from their fellow H-D riders in NHRA's Pro Stock Motorcycle class. When those dudes had 20 pounds added to their bikes earlier this season, they just kept on winning!

Sideburn Magazine said...

txcomt, I know where you're coming from, but the guys who have spent $30 grand on a competitive race bike, then have a rule change to make bikes that cost half the price more competitive have the right to be a bit pissed off, don't they? I don't know all the ins and outs, but that's what they're saying. G

txcomt said...

To which I answer, "welcome to racing, boys."