Saturday, 21 July 2012

Vintage Grasstrack (is the new rock 'n' roll)

Lewis Wharton wrote about his dad's grasstrack racing career for Sideburn 10. He has now set up his own blog entitled Vintage Grasstrack.

Lewis is also bassist in the band Little Barrie. This is them below. This great, no-budget video (to a killer song) was shot by filmmaker and photographer, Lee Vincent Grubb who came along to Anthony Co-Built's birthday dirt track party, last week, and was blown away by his first encounter with flat track.

Apparently, the lady in the video, Mareva Galanter, is a former Miss France and also in the band Nouvelle Vague. Get the circles (ovals?) we're moving in! G


Father Ted said...

Cheers man. My new fav 3 piece

Stevie Coles said...

grasstrack has always been the new rock and roll.
uk flattrack is the new new rock and roll!.
if that makes any sense...