Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ted James

Took the kids out to the Leigh Woods trail. There were a lot of shaved headed and legged types charging through the undergrowth, then like a bionic sasquatch came this big beard. Bunny-hopping up a stone steps section when other riders were desperately crunching through über low gears trying to ride up them. He didn't grunt as much as the human beings either. Ted James is a London bicycle frame designer and builder usually holed up in his tiny Truman Brewery workshop, so it was funny to bump into him out here in the styx. BP


Hairy Larry said...

Not only does he have a manly beard but a manly lath in his shop...jealous on both counts. Looks to know his way around a machine shop.

ElSolitarioMC said...

Ted is a legend!

Adi said...

Damn, right Ted is a legend. Had the pleasure of riding, digging trails and drinking with him for a few years when I lived in SE London. Good man.