Monday, 16 July 2012

Dirt Quake: The After Shocks

Back Street Heroes (UK), MCN (UK), Cafe Racer (France) and Rev (Portugal) have all covered Sideburn's Dirt Quake. Thanks to all of them. Here's some of the coverage. There'll be our own report in Sideburn 11 too, coming soon, promise. GI
Cafe Racer is readily available in France, and can be mail ordered from The Magazine Man. Dimitri Coste took the photos and wrote the report. Cafe Racer and its editor/owner, Bertie B are inspirational.
Rev is the finest bike mag in Portugal. 
Back Street Heroes. Widely available in the UK, or sent around the world by The Magazine Man. Jonny at Subsculptures/ Wasp78 blog took the shots for this report. 
You've all seen the video, right?


Guy@GK said...

'Rev' looks interesting: nice photos.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Well done guys, you've started a mudslide, totally deserved.

Harley said...
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Harley said...

Amazing how a collection of rain lashed folks and bikes in a mud bath can look so photogenic.