Sunday, 1 July 2012

Slammin' Sammy wins at Lima

Sammy Halbert. He told us how to win a fistfight in a phonebox for Sideburn 6.
No one* likes him, he don't care.
 Launch pad.
The Dash for Cash - for the six fastest qualifiers of the day. L-R: Lewis, Smith,  Carver Jr, Johnson, Wiles, Halbert
The Dash for Cash podium: 1. Wiles on the Lloyd Brothers Ducati: 2, Johnson; 3, Lewis.
Jake Johnson and Johnny Lewis. We have a great story on Jake's Zanotti XR750 in Sideburn 11, coming soon. We also have a superb profile of Johnny Lewis and his Kawasaki 650 in Sideburn 9, out now.
Henry Wiles reminding people, us included, that he's not just a TT specialist. He came second in the Main on the Lloyd Brothers Ducati. We had a story on this bike in SB4, but we've sold out. These facts might be related.
 I hope Dainese are throwing Sammy some petrol money.
 Johnson and Wiles.
1. Halbert; 2. Wiles; 3. Johnson. Sammy's on the top step and he's still shorter than the other two. 
Mees was 4th, Lewis 5th.

* No one he races against, anyway. We like him.
Photos: AMA Pro Racing

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Yeah...Go Slammin'Sammy, Go!