Monday, 23 July 2012

Sammy Halbert Rips it up in Ohio

From our Ohio correspondent, Roger F

Sammy Halbert, National #7, came out to stay sharp at the short track at Western Reserve in Salem, Ohio this past Saturday. He is partially sponsored by the local H-D dealership, South East Harley-Davidson and is seeing a local young lady who filmed this (I believe) from the announcer's stand. Good quality, 4:16 long. I was in the next race for +50 and missed this, so thanks to Mike S. for the video. 

A rider goes down in turn 2 about halfway through the main, and when the leader comes up onto it, and slows suddenly. Halbert, running in second, is flipped when his front wheel runs into the leader's rear wheel, forcing a red flag. Sammy shows what he's got in the ensuing restart where he is lined up dead last....r 

I asked what bike #20x was and Roger came back with this... 

The first 3 racers are expert pros. This might be the Money class instead of Heavy Vintage. 20X is indeed a framer, but I think it's a Honda. His partner rode it in one of my races and won on it also. It's a jet. 
I asked the lovely Miss Patty to locate the picture she took for me of the framer that Halbert battled with. This particular shot was taken back in May however, and as you can see, it's a nice piece....roger
More from Roger later...

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Hairy Larry said...

Yeah Sammy...less than a week to the Sac Mile, and I get to see him live.